Entwined Fiber and Wire

About Me

My foray into the commercial world of fiber and wire began with the New Braunfels, TX Farmer’s Market.

Come see me there on Saturdays from 9 am - 1 pm!

Contact Information:

Karen Davis

New Braunfels, TX  78130

Phone:  (830) 214-5124

Email:  entwinedfnw@yahoo.com



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When I chose the name “Entwined” I was considering the treatment of both the fiber that I spin, weave and felt, and the wire that I twist, bend and weave.  After deciding on the name I put some thought into how appropriate it actually describes my life of fiber.  My family member’s lives and the lives of the animals that we raise on our small farm are definitely entwined.

On our farm we keep alpaca, llamas, angora goats and angora rabbits and use their fiber to create beautiful works of art.  Our animals are never harmed for their fiber.  I shear the angora goats twice per year, the llamas and alpaca once per year and the rabbits are brushed for their fiber. 


Entwined Fiber and Wire